What’s up guys, I’m Jarrod! I’m a content creator, a comedian and one of those crazy people who decided to live in a self built van that’s become my tiny home on wheels for the last two and a half years.

If someone asked me in one word what I wanted to do in this world it would be to “inspire.” To inspire those that feel uninspired. Whether that is making someone laugh through my comedy, providing help to people wanting to live life in this same minimalistic way or just to stretch people’s perspective to go after whatever it is they want no matter how crazy it may seem. That is my mission. That is why I am here, for you.

This craving started back in college. I was in architecture engineering school and we were designing small spaces. This is when it clicked and from that point on I always wanted to design my own home. Only thing was I never knew where or how to get the funds to make this project happen. Solution — Vanlife. The wheels began turning when my brother, Jeff showed me a video of a girl living in a van full-time, traveling the country. I didn’t know the exact questions I had in my life, I just knew that I had many. This video answered most of those questions.

From that moment on I spent six months researching and designing my first van which is now known as GHOST (Ground Home Operation Stealth Transportation). My father and I spent three months building this home on wheels where I fell in love with this lifestyle and the people I began to surround myself with. Fast forward two years, I sold GHOST to build a new home, GHOST II.

The goal is to build GHOST II to facilitate some big dreams. Dreams of having a hybrid, stealthy as ever home on wheels where I can live in cities around the country while I perform my life long dream of stand up comedy and also a home that I could take completely off grid deep, in the woods without an ounce of doubt that I could be set for days and days on end!

Jump on the train, or shall I say in the van and come on some adventures with me! Watch my adventures and follow along by watching my Vlog on YouTube, my blog or social media. Watch out though, you may just get a little inspired to do something a little crazy.