What’s up guys! I’m Jarrod, and I’m a content creator and comedian that decided to live in a self built van converted tiny home on wheels. Crazy, right? This was actually a choice and was not forced into living in such small quarters. Here I try and help others that are considering going into this lifestyle. You can also follow along any adventures I encounter in my own personal travels with my Blog or in my Vlog that is on YouTube.

Where it all started…Well not really, see it actually started back in college when I was in architecture engineering school and we were designing small spaces. I always wanted to design my own home but didn’t know where or how the funds would come together. Enter VanLife.

My brother, Jeff, showed me a video of a girl living full time in a van and traveling. I didn’t know the questions I had in life but I knew that video answered them for me. From there I spent six months researching and designing my first van. I worked two full time jobs to save up enough money to pay for the build. My father and I spent three months building my home on wheels that I now call GHOST (Ground Home Operation Stealth Transportation). I lived in GHOST for almost two years and then came up with another van design to go smaller and more complex. I want a hybrid of stealth living in cities while I preform comedy, but also a van that I could take deep in nature and get lost with for a little while. GHOST II is coming mid 2019!